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2011 Hot Rod Power Tour A Huge Success For COMP Performance Group™

2011 Hot Rod Power Tour A Huge Success For COMP Performance Group™
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Memphis, TN − For all of the COMP Performance Group™ companies, the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour was filled with great memories and friends, both new and old.

On Saturday, June 4th, the COMP Performance Group™ companies met up with the rest of the Power Tour hot rodders in Cocoa Beach, FL, for the first stop of the tour. CPG and the long haulers spent a week traveling north until the final stop in Detroit, MI, on June 10th. However, on June 11th, many of the long haulers went on to the GM Proving Grounds, where they put their cars and their driving skills to the test. COMP Cams® was once again proud to be the main stage sponsor for the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour, but all COMP Performance Group™ companies, including TCI®, RHS®, FAST™, ZEX™, Inglese™, Quarter Master® and Powerhouse®, were represented at the CPG booth located next to the main stage on each stop of the tour. There were fun events and contests for children and adults at every stop, including an adults’ big wheel race and children’s coloring contests. COMP® also brought back the popular Engine Builder Duel for the Nashville, TN, and Indianapolis, IN, stops. At every stop, CPG technicians were on hand to answer questions, make recommendations, hand out literature, sell merchandise and just talk with fans and visitors. With approximately 1,200 long haulers and thousands of cars at every stop, it was a great week for gearheads and aftermarket enthusiasts. The COMP Performance Group™ wishes to thank everyone involved for making the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog

Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog
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The new Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog is now available in both print and digital formats.

The new Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog is hot off the press and contains the most up-to-date product listing of Inglese™ Carbureted and EFI Induction Systems, Weber carburetors, components, stacks, intake manifolds, hardware, tools and more. The 22-page catalog is filled with full color images of beautiful Inglese™ Induction Systems, in addition to helpful diagrams, descriptions, part numbers and stack height charts. Whether you want to order a unique Inglese™ Eight Stack System customized to your application or you are simply looking for a replacement part for your Weber carburetor, the catalog will help guide you through the process. Also included in the catalog are a variety of ways to contact Inglese™ for tech help and ordering. The new catalog is available in print (order at or online as a PDF (

COMP Performance Group™ Will Join Long Haulers On 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour


Memphis, TN - COMP Performance Group™ companies will join the Long Haulers for every stop on the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour trip, and COMP Cams® will return as the main stage sponsor.

Year after year, COMP Performance Group™ companies have a recognizable presence on the Hot Rod Power Tour, an annual event in which participants drive their performance vehicles through seven different U.S. cities over seven days, touring the country. The 2011 trip runs from Saturday, June 4th to Saturday, June 11th, with stops in Cocoa Beach, FL; Valdosta, GA; Montgomery, AL; Nashville, TN; Indianapolis, IN; Muskegon, MI; and Detroit, MI.

COMP Cams® is once again proud to be the main stage sponsor for the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour. While COMP® is the main sponsor, all COMP Performance Group™ companies, including, TCI®, RHS®, FAST™, ZEX™, Inglese™, Quarter Master® and Powerhouse®, will be represented at the CPG booth located next to the main stage on each stop of the tour. Technicians will be on hand every day to answer questions about any CPG products, make parts recommendations, hand out literature, and sell merchandise and apparel.

At every stop on the tour, COMP Cams® will hold fun events and contests for children and adults. In the past, these included sidewalk chalk coloring contests and adult big wheel races. More information about this year`s events is coming soon.

COMP Cams® has also decided to bring back the popular Engine Builder Duel presented by Snap-On Tools. The duel pits two, two-man teams head-to-head in an attempt to assemble and run a Small Block Chevy engine in the shortest amount of time. Armed with nothing but their wits, each team must run their completed engine for one full minute to be named the winner. The Engine Builder Duel will take place at the COMP Performance Group™ booth located next to the main stage. The first duel will be held on Tuesday, June 7th, in Nashville, TN, at LP Field. The second and final duel will take place on Wednesday, June 8th, in Indianapolis, IN, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If you think you have what it takes to compete, email with your name and your team member’s name for a chance to take part.

Winners from all contests will be presented with prize packages or gift certificates by COMP® representatives each evening on the main stage. And as an extra thank you, every Power Tour Long Hauler (those dedicated people who make the entire trip from beginning to end) will be presented with a special souvenir from COMP Cams®.

If you can`t make it to the Hot Rod Power Tour in person, follow the events from home with daily updates on, Facebook and Twitter.

COMP Performance Group™ Shines At 2010 SEMA Show

COMP Performance Group™ companies make lasting impressions at 2010 SEMA Show

On November 2nd, the industry’s leading names converged on Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2010 SEMA Show. The premier automotive specialty products trade show attracted more than 100,000 industry professionals and a record number of new product entries spread throughout 15 different categories. During the exciting week, many people and products were honored with awards, including several members of the COMP Performance Group™ family.

With over 2,000 entries in the various new product categories, COMP Cams® brought home the honor of Best New Performance-Racing Product for their new Adjustable Phaser Locks for the 2011 Ford 5.0L Modular V8 Engines. The patent pending Phaser Locks allow independent control over intake and exhaust centerlines and eliminate piston to valve clearance issues that can occur when using larger aftermarket camshafts in the 2011 Ford Coyote 4v engines.

Fellow COMP Performance Group™ company, TCI®, also received notable recognition. Their expanded line of TCI® 6x Six-Speed Transmissions Packages for Ford, Chrysler and Pontiac applications received Runner-Up status in the Best New Performance-Street Product category. The 6x Six-Speed offers the ability to manually shift through six gears or enjoy automatic cruising while experiencing improved performance, enhanced fuel efficiency and an overall superior driving experience.

Individuals from within the companies also received their fair share of acknowledgement. In recognition of his outstanding contribution and in appreciation of his dedication to the specialty equipment industry and SEMA, Rick Sparks, Vice President of Sales for COMP Cams®, received the prestigious Person of the Year Award from the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA).

The week was filled educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and much more. And with many of the industry’s top names and companies in attendance, and hundreds of amazing customized cars placed all over the convention center, the 2010 SEMA Show was a huge success for everyone involved.

For more information about COMP Performance Group™ companies, visit us online at For more information about the 2010 SEMA Show, visit

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